About us

Based in France, Process Products is a brand of Cougar International. Our company supplies Process Products since 2001 in Europe. We offer process oils, white oils, waxes, petrolatum, base oils, natural waxes….Our specificity is to provide its customers the right product for the rignt solution according to the customer needs. It meets all the criteria of quality and safety.


Our offer

You have a dream....We have the offer

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Best expertise A unique expertise built over 25 years

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Best solution Your technical dream come true with us

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Best service 100% full devoted to the satisfaction of our customers

Our products for your application

We supply what you need

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A raw material component or an aid to processing .

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Wax , petrolatum and Petroleum Jellies

From Candle to the health care !

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We are working to provide bitumen for road application, for insulating or for roofing.

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Natural products

We are working to substitute some mineral products by natural or
sustainable materials .

Our logistic

Where we work

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Tank terminal Le Havre, Dunkerque

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Blending facility Le Havre, Rotterdam

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Transport Road tankers, barges, rail


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